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Overwhelmed: Teri Raquel Rogue

Overwhelmed: Teri

Raquel Rogue

Published February 15th 2015
Kindle Edition
23 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Why do we find forbidden love so alluring? Why cant we control who we are attracted to? And why does the taboo bring out such raw passion in us?Teri goes home early for a little mischief. What happens when the pretty coed walks in on something very taboo? Will she give in to forbidden passion?Click on the Look Inside cover at the top of the page to see what the story is about, and then you can read a short sample.If you enjoyed this book, why not read more in the Overwhelmed series:Overwhelmed: AmandaOverwhelmed: CaseyOverwhelmed: HaydenOverwhelmed: ChloeOverwhelmed: ElsaOverwhelmed: DianaOverwhelmed: KellyOverwhelmed: NikkiOverwhelmed: Teri* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *About the Author:Raquel Rogue has a passion for erotic writing, her pet Yorkie, and stilettos. Not necessarily in that order. She cant get her fertile mind off the tawdry, taboo side of life, so writes stories so wet, wild, and wicked, itll curl your toes.