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Umbro Iris Onica


Iris Onica

Published March 31st 2014
ISBN : 9781496976130
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 About the Book 

What is Umbro ? Umbro is the humans longing of cosmos, the desire to get out of time. The possibility of Immortality. press review, Iris Onica Umbro is a fantasy Novel, but truly is a metaphor for the cosmic Consciousness of the New Human and the layers of perception we live in, which wants to be turned to a film on the big screens on 14th of December 2014, done as a film project in 2010 for NYU Tisch Asia. The action revolves around Umbro trying to build a pair of wings made out of Light - to escape time and the cursed forest - for that journeying to make a potion out of three tones: Green, Red, Blue. May it be a world with no start or end, this Flight of the faun? May it be a dream? Are You, the reader, a dream ?...Maybe it is I that dreams you now, and you are dreamt in your own life... In strange faces, the humans soul portrays not once, but countless times the euphoria of his immortal soul, looking for the tones of music in an eternal world, where Flight is only a moment, because time does not exist, and the fingers touch a celestial piano, that plays the music of life, and the key pressed infinitely is the moment of a souls life, is the eternal god within each of us, is the moment when the inner eye, in the dew of questions sees that within him everything is, and everything becomes him. {...} What would it be then the fauns solitude, that endless wood ?....