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Words To Love By Karen L. Boncela

Words To Love By

Karen L. Boncela

Published January 31st 2012
Kindle Edition
158 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“So when I knew that I couldn’t wait any longer, for fear I’d miss my flight, I got up and without a word, I hugged him and kissed him one more time and as my eyes welled up with tears, I walked away.And as I had promised, I didn’t look back as I went up the escalator. I could feel his eyes behind me but I didn’t look back as I wiped the tears from my face. I knew if I looked back, I would run right back to him.I was on my own again and I knew I had no choice but to go back home. I went to the assigned gate and stood in line to board my flight. My phone rang as I stood in line and it was him. I didn’t care, didn’t really notice as we spoke that tears were running down my face. I’m sure that people around me wondered why I cried but it didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered at that moment, nothing.”Words To Love By is the story of Karen and Eddie and their split second chance meeting. Fate it seems is the only reasonable explanation. The overwhelming Love and Desire that grows between them shocks them both, never having been aware that this kind of Intensity existed anywhere else but in a Fairy Tale.Will they be able to overcome all the heart wrenching obstacles in their lives to be together or is the distance between them alone too great a burden?Words To Love By will leave you feeling that anything in this life is possible. It will make you realize that Life is way too short to waste even a single minute!